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Writer - Designer - Technologist

Professional Overview

Creative, versatile Digital Communications Specialist with 14 years of experience in marketing, branding, digital communication and content management. Proven history of progressively taking on more responsibility.


  • 14+ years professional copywriter.
  • 9+ years of professional content management experience.
  • 9+ years of managing established and emerging social media platforms.
  • Proficient in Joomla!, Drupal & WordPress.
  • Proficient in MailChimp and Constant Contact.
  • Comfortable leading a team, working alone or collaborating with others.
  • Proficient in HTML & CSS; knowledgeable in PHP.
  • Proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Equip for Equality

Equip for Equality is a nonprofit that gives free legal aid to people with disabilities throughout Illinois. As the Communications Manager, I am the communications department. As such, my duties range from strategic planning and grant writing to designing posters and creating PSAs.

Communications Manager

  • Manage all content, donations, stores and security updates for 5 websites.
  • Manage content, donations, and updates on organization website and all social media outlets.
  • Write, distribute, and monitor press releases.
  • Developed and maintain editorial calendar for creative content, online updates and brochures.
  • Manage donor database, including creation of mailing lists and gift receipt letters.
  • Write grant proposals and reports for foundations and corporations from $5,000 to $100,000.
  • Develop content, design and manage mailing lists for e-blasts.


As a freelance writer and marketing & communications consultant I tackle challenges for a wide variety of clients all around the world.

Marketing & Communications Consultant

  • Manage multiple websites for clients in a variety of nonprofit and for-profit sectors.
  • Write over 70 magazine articles per year, which are distributed in three languages.
  • Design logos and other graphics as contracted.
  • Train and advise clients on using social media, managing websites and crafting communications.
  • Evaluate current use of communications technology and recommend/implement changes based on client needs and desired outcomes.

Anixter Center

Anixter Center is a nonprofit that serves people with disabilities in the greater Chicago area. Beginning as a Marketing Coordinator and working my way up to Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications in less than three years, my duties and responsibilities varied greatly.

Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications

  • Manage all content, donations, stores and security updates for 5 websites.
  • Manage multiple social media channels for Anixter Center and its three divisions.
  • Develop content, design and manage mailing lists for e-newsletters with 7,200+ subscribers.
  • Support fundraising events from concept phase through end-of-night tear-down.
  • Design and write content for brochures, ads, posters, banners and program books.
  • Review internal and external communications for brand compliance.
  • Managed the development, testing and launch of an award-winning website connecting the toy industry and families with children with disabilities.
  • Created agency’s first Social Media Policy and Best Practices Handbook.
  • Worked on team to update external and internal brand standards for all media.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Organized and ran a social media fundraiser that raised $20,000 in about two weeks.
  • Instituted monthly e-newsletter reaching 2,000+ subscribers with 25% open rate average and 20% click-through rate average.
  • Developed and created 5-step mailing campaign directed to area audiology clinics.
  • Created relationships with residential communities in order to give onsite presentations and ITAC phone demonstrations, raising brand awareness and increasing program revenue nearly 44%.
  • Brought website up to current SEO standards and integrated Google Analytics.


COMP Cams is the flagship company of the COMP Performance Group. As a member of the marketing department (initially as a copywriter but quickly advancing to Marketing Coordinator before becoming the Online Content Director), I was responsible for creating and managing content for nearly a dozen companies. Other job duties included event support, extensive social media management, team leadership and video production.

Online Content Director

  • Managed and maintained 5 web stores containing thousands of items.
  • Managed various social media outlets in order to cultivate new markets.
  • Started and grew a Facebook page from zero to 12,000 followers.
  • Coordinated photographers, designers and writers to produce original print and web content.

Copywriter/Marketing Coordinator

  • Led designers and oversaw all aspects of catalog and brochure production.
  • Coordinated photographers and videographers for video and multimedia projects.
  • Developed newsletters and tracked subsequent analytics to improve results.
  • Proofread all advertisements, articles and press releases before publication.
  • Researched, developed and wrote press releases for six automotive companies.
  • Conceptualized and created various editorial pieces for print and web publishing.

Life Plus International

Life Plus is a multi-national company that produces and sells high quality vitamins and supplements. Working in the communications department of the world headquarters presented several challenges revolving around the creation of content that would be translated into eight languages. From product information sheets to newsletters to magazine articles, there was always a need to create content that appealed to consumers from a diverse variety of cultures.


  • Developed and wrote content for internationally distributed company magazine.
  • Designed and implemented the look and feel of online training courses.
  • Created electronic newsletters; including writing, graphics and code.
  • Provided event support duties, including working with groups of international travelers.

Communications Specialist

Creative Designs & Consulting was a small marketing firm that employed me on a part-time, as-needed basis. The diverse range of clients included a nonprofit for domestic violence survivors with children, a health clinic and business professional networking group.


  • Designed brochures, fact sheets, logos and other promotional products
  • Developed, wrote and edited all forms of communication
  • Designed and managed web content for multiple clients

Purdue University

M.S., Communications, 2019

Western Michigan University

B.A., English, 2005

Hobbies and Interests

A short list of activities that fill my spare time.
  • Travel

    I've visited seven countries across four continents and plan for many more.

  • Technology

    When it comes to hardware and software, I'm an early adopter, constant updater and obsessive tinkerer.

  • Reading

    I've been described as a voracious reader, especially near-future and speculative fiction.

  • Photography

    As an amateur photographer I enjoy learning new techniques and tricks.

  • Nature

    Hiking, camping, kayaking, backpacking—if it's done outdoors, I love it.

  • Cooking

    I enjoy cooking and baking, especially over an open flame such as a grill or campfire.

My Skills

A little more about the skills I utilize on a daily basis.
  • Content Management

    I am the primary content manager for five websites. Additionally, I handle all backend tasks such as updates and maintenance.
  • Fundraising

    Raising money from donors is a constant task working at a nonprofit. I handle all of the online donation campaigns for four different divisions.
  • Copywriting

    While the bulk of my copywriting duties are in the freelance realm, I still write content for various outlets on a daily basis.
  • Live Events

    With three large fundraisers and numerous smaller events throughout the year, I have developed a large skillset for managing all aspects of events.
  • Digital Marketing

    From SEO and content strategy to Facebook posts and LinkedIn job placements, the responsibility of managing our brand in the digital world falls on me.
  • Design

    Flyers, brochures, invitations, raffle tickets, advertisements, window decals, banners, posters—the list of design projects I handle goes on and on.


Essays, notes, articles and nonsensical ramblings straight from my mind to your screen.


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